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Friday, July 20, 2018
Vietnamese Worker in Taiwan

Vietnamese Worker in Taiwan

Labor Department clarifies spending on parentless foreign children

The Legislative Yuan met with the Labor Department to discuss how to subsidize abandoned children of foreign workers born in Taiwan and the processes of raising them. Labor Minister Lin Mei-chu (林美珠) denied rumors that the Labor Ministry provides NT$2 billion in subsidies to abandoned non-Taiwanese children. She clarified that the Department is committed to subsidizing humanitarian causes which include providing non-Taiwanese workers with employment assistance and naturalization aid.

Online application for extension of migrant worker contracts is now available...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)-Online applications for the extension of migrant workers' contracts are available now, Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) said Tuesday, praising the new system for being more efficient. To take advantage of the service, the employer have to log onto the website, which is managed by the MOL's Workforce Development Agency, complete the application form and pay the fee, the ministry said.

Migrant workers say no to brokers, Ministry of Labor responds

Organized by the Taiwan International Workers' Association, the group started form the Labor Ministry in the afternoon and ended at the Presidential Office, where they held signs appealing for an end to the private brokerage system. Protesters called for the private employment brokerage system, which charges fees that can exorbitant and exploitative, to be replaced with a direct hiring system mediated by the government.

Migrant workers in Taiwan are now eligible for paid leave after...

Migrant workers in Taiwan are now eligible for paid leave after one year of service, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) said Tuesday. The new regulations stipulate that employers cannot refuse to grant paid vacation and certain other types of leave once the conditions are met, otherwise they will be fined NT$60,000 to NT$300,000 (US$1,974-US$9,870) and revocation of their permits to hire migrant workers, the ministry said.

Rules revised to set limit on broker service fees for migrant...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A regulation has recently been revised to reduce the amount of service fees that brokers in Taiwan can charge foreign migrant workers who have worked in the country for more than two years. 

New law set to improve foreign fishery workers’ rights

Taipei, Dec. 19 (CNA) Foreign fishery workers' rights will be better protected when the Distant Water Fisheries Act comes into force on Jan. 20, the Fisheries Agency said on Monday. Under the new law, the Fisheries Agency is authorized to establish rules managing local brokers and map out measures to protect the welfare and rights of foreign fishery workers hired to work on Taiwanese fishing boats, said the agency.

Taiwanese Policy Victimizes Migrant Workers

Migrant workers come to Taiwan in hopes of earning money to better the lives of their families in their host country. Many of these migrant works, some of which are victims of human trafficking) must take out a significant loan to afford the costs of a labor broker

The U.S. State Department has released the “Trafficking in Persons Report...

Reverend Hung and the staff of Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Office (VMWBO) have helped over 2,000 Vietnamese escape the horrors of labor and sex exploitation since 2004. Under his leadership, the VMWBO has rescued, sheltered, and rehabilitated victims