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Saturday, June 23, 2018

New regulations will ban commercial matchmaking

The current practice of helping Taiwan citizens find foreign spouses through commercial operations will be outlawed soon, according to a legislative plan. Legislative representatives from various political parties reached a consensus yesterday to draw up new rules to prohibit

Taiwan’s “20” Policy Thwarts Bride Hunt

May 7,2005 TAIPEI-Alarmed by a surge in young brides arriving from Vietnam for Taiwanese aging bachelors, the government this year set a new "20" policy that states the age difference between spouses should be less than 20 years. Brides also must be at least 20 years

Taiwan Takes Bold Legal Aid Initiative

Jul 04, 2004 RIGHTS FOR ALL: The new Legal Aid Foundation and the Legal Aid Law ensure that the rights of low-income groups to initiate and defend court cases are protected. As demonstrated by the passing of the Legal Aid Law last December and the grand ơpening